About Us

With RaySeven Productions, people have a fantastic opportunity to capture the best moments of their lives. They can frame these moments as per their convenience and expectations. With years of existence and practice in the industry, we offer an array of photography and videography
services to our customers.

Our skilled and experienced photographers and videographers possess the ability to collaborate with prominent brands such as OYO, Swiggy, Kent, and so on.

People’s life is filled with emotional journeys that can be snapped at any given time and preserved as a memory. They can cherish those moments by having a look at these photographs. And we help them gather this priceless treasure they come across in their day-to-day lives.

Being the best event production house in Delhi, we believe that if we are not satisfied with our work quality, then we cannot fulfil the client’s needs. Hence, being the experts in photography and videography, we understand the bits and bytes of the field, and we keep working to satisfy our customers. Once we determine customer requirements and expectations, they can be assured that they are being delivered with the best quality.

Our Vision

Our vision is to tighten the bond that our customers share with their competitors and clients. Our customers can adorn and save in their company’s wall of fame these special moments for the rest of your lives.

Our Mission

Our USP is the quality of photographs and videos that we deliver at the end. When the magic of capturing in-camera blends in with the editorial effects and gets out with a final look as the best video clip or photograph ever shot, that is what we long for during every project we work upon.

Every photograph we capture and the video content that we create is a reflection of our customer’s authenticity. We tend to work towards preserving their personalities forever. Since editing complements videography and photography in every aspect, the enhanced content quality is the primary motto of every member of our team.

Our Services

With a profound passion for photography and videography, we meet our client’s necessities through our imaginative and creative methodology. Perfectly synching the content with your mood, attitude, and approach, we tend to produce an impeccable result that is appropriately personalized and then delivered at your doorstep. RaySeven Productions’ photography and videography services mainly include 8 following categories:


Expressing the vibrant emotions in a delightful mode is the best part of our content, and we are happy to adopt this sense of photography and videography. Our uniqueness and transformation concept for every photograph or video makes it look more beautiful than ever.

We ensure our clients feel loved to be captured and stored in the album of memories with more glam. To add the spark in their photographs or videos, we are always a call away from them. Wherever the location, we do not hesitate to serve the best that we can and satisfy customer expectations.

So, get in touch with us for your precious occasions and allow us to craft a photo book full of memorable moments with our captures.

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